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Alaska’s Largest Marine Dealer – Dewey’s Cook Inlet


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Dewey’s also     carries a complete line of Parts & Accessories. </p>                              <p><b>A bit                                 of history about Alaska's largest marine dealer...</b></p>                              <p>Back in                                   1964 Dewey's                                   Cook Inlet started off selling inflatables, sailboats and                                   outboards. Business prospered over the                                   years and in 1982  Dewey's took on Yamaha Outboards, and since then has added multi Aluminum boat lines.  Dewey's has continued to lead the way being the largest Year Round Marine Dealers, specializing in only the top marine products.  </p>                              <p>Over the                                   last 35 years, Dewey's has continued to grow                                   and expand, most notably in Marine Accessories.                                   During this same time period, Dewey's has expanded                                   its sales and marketing effort to include the                                   Fall Boat Show in October and the Great Alaska                                   Boat Show in January. With the addition of new                                   product lines, expansion of marine accessories,                                   aggressive marketing, plus lots of hard work,                                 Dewey's has become Alaska's largest marine dealer!</p>                              <p>All of                                   us at Dewey's would like to thank each and everyone                                   of our customers and friends for helping to                                 make this happen. He</p>                              <p>rHours of Operation</p>                              <p>Tuesday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM</p>                              <p>                                                                                                                                                            Saturday     10 AM to 4 PM</p>                              <p>CLOSED Sunday & Monday</p>                              <p> </p>                              <p>Like us on Facebook Here !</p>                              <p><a href=""><img src="" width="52" height="26" /></a></p>                              <p>aft, hewes craft, seaark, sea ark, </p>                              <p>G3, riverhawk, river hawk, ezloader, ez loader, lund, yamaha.</p>                              <p> </p>                          </blockquote></td>                        </tr><tr><td> </td>                        </tr></table><!-- InstanceEndEditable --></td>              <td><!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="right" -->                  <p> </p>                  <p> </p>                                    <p><a href=""><u>Event</u></a></p>                <p><a href="">CLICK HERE</a></p>                <p><a href=""><img src="" width="219" height="165" /></a> </p>                  <p> </p>                  <p> </p>                  <p>COME AND CHECK OUT NEWEST MEMBER OF THE YAMAHA FAMILY</p>                          <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                      <p><a href=""><img src="" width="119" height="212" /></a></p>                          <p> </p>                          <p> </p>                      <p>CALL TODAY</p>                      <p>907-344-5092</p>                      <p>Toll Free in Alaska</p>                      <p>1-888-522-3933</p>                      <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                      <p> </p>                    <!-- InstanceEndEditable --></td>

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