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Boat-Builder Introduces High-Quality Rain Gear at Factory-Direct Price

Gear Review: WindRider Pro Foul-Weather JacketFishing Raingear

For over 25 years, WindRider International has been focused exclusively on building boats. So why did they decide to introduce a line of apparel?

Well, when your passion is being on the water—whether sailing, boating, or fishing—you understand that nasty weather is inevitable. If you want to pursue your passion, you need quality gear that keeps you comfortable in all conditions.

“In the past few years, we have found that people have less and less time to get out and enjoy the water – ourselves included,” explained Robert Sanberg, CEO of WindRider International. “And, there is nothing more frustrating than finally having time to get out and then having to deal with nasty weather. When the weather is less than ideal, you have three options: cancel the trip, be miserable in cheap, poorly made rain gear, or drop several hundred dollars on a high-end rain jacket.”

As a boat builder, WindRider has built a business on selling direct to consumers to keep costs down. Why not take the same approach with quality rain gear?

“With our experience sourcing, we knew the reason for the high cost of rain gear wasn’t the true cost to manufacture but rather the multiple people touching it before getting to the end customer. We realized we could offer better rain gear at a fraction of the price by selling direct to the end customer.”

Fishing Rain Jacket

WindRider’s Pro Foul Weather Jacket is waterproof and breathable, with all the features you’d find on a high-end jacket, including fully taped seams, a roll-a-way hood with a bill, and a fleece-lined high collar that will keep your face warm even in a sideways rain. Adjustable inner cuffs prevent water from running down the sleeves when casting, and fleece-lined pockets warm your hands between fishing sessions. There are two extra-deep lower pockets that are easy-access with Velcro, two zipper chest pockets that are big enough for your smartphone, and an internal pocket for anything that you want to keep inside the jacket.

“We sell direct from the factory to give you the best product for the best price,” says Sanberg. “Our promise is that our gear will be as good or better than big brand names, and we back that up with free shipping, free returns, and a 5-year warranty.”

The WindRider Pro Foul Weather Jacket is available in black, red, white.
Price: $124.95 with Free Shipping.

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