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Boat fire spurs rapid early-morning response

ILWACO — A boat fire drew a rapid early-morning response May 12 in Ilwaco.

The F/V Carmillo and crew were picking up bait to go crab fishing at Ilwaco Landing when the fire was first reported on board the vessel around 6 a.m.

The crew were able to safely evacuate to the adjacent dock, according to Ilwaco Landing owner Mike Shirley, who arrived on scene as the fire unfolded.

Shirley commended the fast reaction from the captain, including closing compartments and stuffing vents which helped choke the fire.

Shirley also praised the response of the Coast Guard, who responded with a cutter, and the Ilwaco fire department, who deployed their mobile extinguisher upon arrival.

“They did everything they could to save the boat and the dock,” Shirley said.

The vessel, currently afloat at the Port of Ilwaco, suffered damage primarily to the engine compartment but it’s believed to be repairable and will likely return to fishing.

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