Factory Fridays: Behind Nor-Tech’s Trendsetting High Performance Boats – EP. 6

Factory Fridays: Behind Nor-Tech's Trendsetting High Performance Boats - EP. 6

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Step inside the Nor-Tech boats factory with boats.com and Marilyn DeMartini Trond Schou, the President of the company. Nor-Tech Boats crafts fast, stylish and luxurious boats that give owners and families happy memories on the water. For nearly 30 years this brand has been building high performance boats with an elevated level of craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Every stage of the boat building process is meticulously managed. All boats are designed in-house with a a lamination process that utilizes traditional open-molding process without the use of any water absorbing wood. High density foam, kevlar and carbon fiber are interlaced into the fiberglass with a heavy duty re-inforced transom. Everything is done on site from the carpentry shop to upholstery and paint.

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