Factory Fridays: Formula Boats Manufacturing Facility Tour – EP. 11

Factory Fridays: Formula Boats Manufacturing Facility Tour - EP. 11

In this episode of Factory Fridays, the boats.com crew travels to Decatur, Indiana to tour the remarkable Formula Boats facility. Host Ryan McVinney meets up with Patrick Laux, Formula’s Plant Operations Manager, for an in-depth walkthrough of the entire 500,000 square foot facility. Here, viewers learn the secret behind the iconic Formula Boats name, an equation that starts with "The Three P’s: People, Plant and Product".

Out on the production line we see the full gamut of Formula’s attention to detail across various assembly lines and all the detailed processes that go into constructing the brand’s current models – from the largest luxury crossover boats on the market (such as the 500 Super Sport Crossover) to the brand’s newest line of center console sport boats. Mr. Laux explains the individual personalization available on many key areas of Formula boats, made possible through the company’s innovative "FormulaFlex" and "FormulaFlex MyWay" programs. Owners can choose from a huge variety of graphics, upholstery and electronics options, as well as create their own personalized transom names.

We also learn how Formula undertakes a unique and extensive process of full-scale mock-ups for every model, prior to beginning any assembly, ensuring every inch of the boat is perfect before construction of the first hull ever begins. From molds to plugs and small parts to engine rigging, this episode reveals every phase of the boat building process that makes Formula one of the top names in the marine industry today.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Facility Overview
1:14 Welcome Lobby And Vintage Showroom with Pat Laux
1:57 Design Studio
3:09 Build Materials Stage
3:27 FormulaFlex Program – Personalized Boat Customization
4:35 Construction Phase 1 – Plugs And Molds
5:58 Grant Porter Inspecting Design Development
6:42 Full Scale Mock Ups In Engineering
7:08 387 Center Console Cabin Interior Design Mock Up
9:07 Pattern Generation and CNC machines
9:30 Corian Cutting
10:14 Mold Room
11:17 Closed Molding and Infusion Area
12:06 Small Parts with Angie Hamilton
12:57 Sub-Assembly Line
14:20 Assembly
15:29 Paint Prep
16:13 Paint Application – 9 Spray Booths
17:47 Sanding And Buffing
18:40 FormulaFlex Program 400SSC Customization with Jason Brune
19:30 Custom Cockpit Materials
21:40 Upholstery
22:44 Custom Canvas Cut and Sewing with Shaffer Amber
23:41 Seat Skins And Final Upholstery
24:23 Test Tanks
25:15 Final Detailing And Inspection
25:43 Formula’s Secret To Success

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