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Fishing Rod Rests & Holders for sale

Fishing Rod Rests & Holders

Fishing Rod Rests & Holders

Monster Rod Holders and rests come in a variety of materials and designs to give you the best fishing experiences possible. This gives you the chance to indulge your passions regardless of the type of fishing you like. Whether you are looking for a quick installation of a flush mount for your boat, or you need a rod holder for competition, the right equipment is available to meet your needs.

What materials are used to make Monster Rod Holders?

Stainless steel, PVC, plastic, and specific use rod holders are available for the avid angler. Plastic holders are made with an eye to durability. They are lightweight and easy to install. If you are a tournament angler, you may want to use stainless steel clamp style rod holders with various locking positions. This provides the flexibility and versatility you will look for in a highly competitive arena.

What is the function of locking positions?

Rod rests with locking positions allow you to alter the angle of your pole by about 12 degrees for each position. This allows you to reduce the stress on your line and helps prevent loss of your catch. Many fishing enthusiasts appreciate this advantage during tournaments and during trolls along rivers. However, you can find angled rod holders that offer 15/30/90 degree permanent positions for your pole. Monster Rod Holders have a variety of styles from which to choose.

Can Monster Rod Holders be installed on a kayak?

Yes, kayaks are used in competitive sports fishing and for relaxation. Putting a rod holder on your vessel can also give you access to shallower waters than you can reach from a conventional fishing boat. This makes a rod mount an effective tool when out in a kayak. You can even install more than one if you want to run multiple lines.

How many Monster Rod Holders can you install?

Some states, such as California, have put a limit on the number of holders you can have secured to your boat. This may be attributed to freshwater fishing, so it is important to check your local laws before heading out. Make sure you get the correct rod mounts for the job before you take your boat to the water. You can maximize your options with a variety of rod mounts and multiple units. This allows you to utilize several poles in order to increase your competitive edge.

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