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Live Aboard Sailing School | ASA Sailing Lesson Certification

Have you ever dreamed of sailing? Perhaps you would like to charter sailboats in exotic locations around the world? Or hope to purchase your own boat and set sail? If that’s your dream, we can help you achieve it.

Sailing is our passion here at Nautilus Sailing. We offer high quality learn to sail vacations for the adventurous sailor. In just a one-week liveaboard sailing trip, you can earn your ASA keelboat certifications from ASA101 all the way through to ASA114 for catamarans. And then you’re set to explore the world’s seas and oceans.,

A liveaboard sailing course is the best way to learn how to sail and improve your sailing skills. Spend a week living aboard a beautiful yacht, exploring numerous islands. Gain all the experience and formal sailing certification needed to embark on your own sailing journey.

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