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Military Armor Models & Kits for sale

Military Armor Models & Kits

Military Armor Models Kits

Whether you are a dedicated model builder or a collector of model tanks, military equipment, and armor, getting the right kit is an important decision. If youre new to kit building, should you start with an airplane, a vehicle, or a more complicated diorama with soldiers and weapons? Its important to look at the features of a kit before deciding if it is right for you.

What military kit should you make first?

If youre new to modeling, its wisest to carefully research the tools youll need, the anticipated time a project will take to complete, the number of pieces in the kit, and the level of expertise a kit requires. Dont jump in over your head with complicated armor. Instead, start with a relatively easier project. A military land vehicle model such as a jeep, for instance, or a widely available kit for 1/35 scale armor would be a great place to begin.

What can you do with military models?

Armor models are widely diverse and include U.S. tanks, trucks, supply trailers, ballistic missiles, launching stations, and destroyers, to list just a few combat armor options. Dedicated collectors can display armor in special cases by armor type, historical era, or country. A completed project can be an unforgettable present perfect for current or former American soldiers, historians, or young hobbyists. Dynamic models for school projects make for stunning showpieces especially when complex armor is surrounded by soldiers in full gear, tactical vests, and body armor.

What supplies will beginners need?

Beginning modelers will need hobby knives, tweezers, cutting boards, and adhesives as well as a paint set for decorating armor, vests, helmets, and other gear. Some classic military hues such as khaki, desert brown, and navy blue are available for painting. Model kits of simpler armor such as jeeps are good places to start for beginners because they often require only the basic tools to complete.

What items are suitable for advanced modelers?

More advanced modelers generally prefer complex projects that may have hundreds of parts. Aircraft carriers, destroyers, battleships, or other dramatic pieces can be the centerpiece of a richly detailed tableau. Soldiers in tac vests and body armor positioned around a complex model can demonstrate key troop movements or combat operations in an important battle.

What are some leading brands of military armor kits?

Some of the notable brands include Dragon Models, Academy, and Tamiya. Each brand specializes in a wide range of armor, gear, and supplies.

  • Dragon: Dragon features an extensive and rich collection of tanks for a wide range of skill levels.
  • Academy: Academy brand is an outstanding place to start for reenactment of historical moments including the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, often featuring kits specific to those historical battles.
  • Tamiya: Tamiya kits include classic American vehicles such as the Jeep Willys and WWII Chevrolet trucks.

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