MooseJaw A BoatAccessories Partner, Maui Jim Breakwall Polarized Sunglasses – One Size – Smoke Grey / Maui HT


Maui Jim Breakwall Polarized Sunglasses – One Size – Smoke Grey / Maui HT


The Maui Jim Breakwall Polarized Sunglasses Are lightweight sunglasses for the dude that just wants to shade his eyes. Break away from the usual look and step into the frameless lenses that won’t weigh you down. PolarizedPlus2 lenses Are all that stands between your eyes and the sun, blocking glAres, harmful UV rays, and even giving the outdoor world a boost in color. Crisp, clear vision with thin wire at the bridge and the stems. Finished with a touch of cush at the nosepads, throw ’em on, grab a book and find yourself resting at the beach. Features of the Maui Jim Breakwall Polarized Sunglasses The Breakwall Polarized Sunglasses feature Polarized Plus2 Technology which sets the standard for glAre protection and color enhancement. This Technology wipes out 99.9% of glAre and block 100% of harmful UV while boosting color to unbelievable levels. These glasses have Maui Jim’s special lenses which filter, balance, and increase the amount and quality of the colors that the eye naturally perceives. As a result of the lenses on these glasses, you see deep, saturated colors that have a Higher level of contrast and depth perception like you’ve never seen before. These glasses have a waterproof coating to shed water and Snow. They also have an oleophobic cooating which repels grease and makes smudges and fingerprints easier to wipe away on both the front and back of the lenses. The Breakwall glasses have MauiGradient, which is a darker application at the top that graDually gets lighter moving down the lens so the appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain Areas, while less filters through in places where protection is paramount.

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