MooseJaw A BoatAccessories Partner, Ombraz Classic Narrow Sunglasses – One Size – Brown Frame/Brown Lens


Ombraz Classic Narrow Sunglasses – One Size – Brown Frame/Brown Lens


The Ombraz Classic Narrow Sunglasses Are armless sunglasses with a classic look but more narrow design. Its smaller frame and lens width Are complimented by a taller lens height, giving it a longer look that’s subtly different from the Classic Regular but with all the same Technology. It Features scratch-resistant lenses and a flat frame design, so you can rely on these glasses to not break if you sit on them or bring them out on a hill and take a tumble. Easily adjust the strap to be as tight or loose as you need it, but either way you’ll have supreme visuals for whatever activity you choose. From mountain biking to skiing and SnowBoarding or just walking around town on a sunny day, these sunglasses Are a comfortable option that removes the pressure of sidearms on your temple to keep you comfortable all day long. Features of the Ombraz Classic Narrow Sunglasses Custom-woven, soft polyester eliminates sidearms Abrasion-resistant Adjustable, Fits all head sizes Unparalleled durability and comfort World-class, crystal-clear optics 100% UVA | UVB protection Hydrophobic and oleophobic Impact and scratch-resistant Handmade acetate frame with no hinges or screws Base curve 6 Frame width: 130mm Lens width: 55.4mm Lens height: 46.55mm Bridge: 14mm Grey Lens: Perfect for everyday conditions. Crystal clear, True color perception. Minimizes glAre, especially off water. Darkest tint, Highest light reduction. Filters out 89% of light. Brown lens: Ideal for variable, everyday conditions. Incredible clarity, enhanced contrast, improved depth perception. Brightens environment in overcast light conditions. Filters out 86.5% of light. Yellow lens: Incredible, High color contrast of all tints. Ideal in low-light conditions. Filters out blue light from screens that can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Filters out 80% of light.

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