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NRS Barrel Pump Flow Check Valve


Replacement Check Valve for the NRS Barrel Pump. Note:The threaded end on the check valve in your Barrel Pump is glued to the outside Corner Hose Adapter that the pump hose attaches to. You will also need to purchase a new adapter. The Round Corner Hose Adapter (# 80093.01) is for pumps made prior to 2010, and the Square Corner Hose Adapter (# 80094.01) is for newer pumps. To replace the check valve, use a hacksaw to saw through the Corner Hose Adapter, as close to the pump body as possible. Use a flat blade screwdriver or chisel and a hammer to break off the remainder of the hose adapter. This will allow you to remove the check valve. When installing the new check valve and corner hose adapter we recommend coating the threads of the check valve with PVC cement to prevent it from unscrewing with use. If you have questions about the procedure, call 877.677.4327 and ask to speak to one of our Repair Department pros.

Need to replace the check valve on your NRS Barrel Pump? This is the part you seek, plus some additional installation details that you’ll want to note.

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