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Washington Boating Safety Course

Age Requirements:

                                     <p>All boat operators, unless specified below in exemption, are required to have a Washington State issued Boater Education Card indicating that a boating safety education class or equivalency exam has been successfully completed by the card holder. </p>                                          <p>Exemption:                                          </p><ul><li>persons who have a U.S Coast Guard vessel operator's license</li>                                             <li>persons visiting Washington State.</li>                                             <li>All boat operators born before 1/1/1955 will not be required to have a boat operator education card.</li>                                         </ul><h3>Age/Horsepower Requirements:</h3>                                         <p>To operate a motor driven boat of 15 horsepower or greater, a person must be at least 12 years of age or older and complete a boating safety course that is accepted by Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. No person under 12 years of age can operate a motorboat of 15 or more horsepower. </p>                                                                                 <p>Persons who do not have a boater education card and are 12 years of age or up can operate a vessel with more that 15 HP if accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a person 16 years of age who has a boater education card.</p>                                         <h3>Other Information:</h3>                                         <p>Operators who are required to have a boating education card and want to rent a vessel, must present the card to livery (rental) operators. If the person, required to have a boating education card, does not have a boating education card, the livery operator must complete an operation and safety checklist with the vessel renter prior to the renter being allowed to use the vessel on the water.</p>

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